Ernah Ltd is established in 1997 and it is the successor of the registered in 1992 STC (Sole trader company) Vento.

The company's activities are in the field of air-conditioning, refrigeration, and air-drying technique. Ernah Ltd. provides design, manufacture, delivery of equipment, installation and service.

Input components and materials are of the highest quality. Priority is the application of the latest technical achievements in the field.

Quality and fast execution of operations is guaranteed by:

Extensive experience of many accomplished projects
Excellent organization
Highly qualified and motivated professionals
Excellent technology and manufacturing base
Implementation of all the latest scientific and technical achievements

To implement the installation and service activities we have:

Teams installation of piping systems of all types of pipes used in practice: black and stainless steel, copper, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.. We perform installation without limitation in diameters, pressures and types of working substance: water, aqueous solutions (ethylene glycol etc..) and Freon refrigerants, ammonia, etc.. In our teams work qualified welders with necessary equipment.
Basis for the preparation of facilities: collectors, storage containers, tanks for liquid fuels, metal constructions, etc.
Teams installation of ventilation systems. We perform installation without limitation in sections. In our teams work qualified installers with necessary equipment.
Basis for the preparation of rectangular ducts and components for air duct systems: boxing, filters, boxes, silencers, etc.
Teams for maintenance and repair of air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and drying plants. In our teams work service technicians with appropriate training and equipment.

The activities we offer are guided by engineers and technicians with relevant qualifications and years of experience.

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